Where The Wild Things Are


Over fifty people in vows with the Community of Aidan and Hilda gathered for their annual retreat and business meeting at Northampton's King's Centre, UK.

David Runcorn, a hermit teacher and writer, led sessions on the theme of Where the Wild Things Are.  He pointed out that in Darwin's time and since theology has pictured a God who controls everythng according to pre-set laws. Christians adopt default positions. In fact God is more like a constant Innovator. Unlike Job's comforters, we need to allow one another to experience unpredictable highs and lows. We should ask one another questions such as 'Are your deserts dry enough? Is your darkness deep enough? Is your wilderness wild enough?'

We will need a truthful community for the times when grace wounds us and life, God and bible promises let us down

On a storm-tossed pilgrim island like Bardsey pilgrims cannot sleep and cling to ropes and mast, gripping the tiller with white knuckle faih, eyes straining for the horizon.  They are past wondering if Jesus cares they are perishing. They are seeking the Farthest Shore and have staked everything on this - that the fiecest current of all is love. (D.R.)

Retreatants each wrote down the most important thing they have learned: 'that it's OK to be vulnerable'; 'that I may sense Jesus in my back yard'....

Then they wrote down what in their wldest dreams the community might look like in ten years time.  Some answers were:

A network of Sketes.

A movement of young people.

Prayer houses and cells  in different regions that love and help the community around them.

There was so much more, Contact someone who was there to find out more or invite them to speak to your local church or network.


Posted at 16:12pm on 24th January 2019
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