Ynys Mon Or Anglesey - A Place Of Resurrection

I travelled from a small Holy Island and Penny from a flooded Devon village to Wales' largest holy island of Ynys Mon (Anglesey).  In the historic little shore-side church of Llanddona, named after the sixth century saint Donna who prayed there in his cell,  we commissioned James and Richard as co-ordinators of our Community's work in North Wales. This was preceded by a bi-lingual Service of the First Voyage when James took his vows.  Fellow  members of this church who encourage James as he becomes proficient in Welsh blessed the visitors with their presence and friendship. These were my thoughts:

 Nest for ancient druids’ wisdom and for those who welcomed greater light as Christ made his home among them.

 Fertile island, prey to attackers from across the seas: the Romans, the Irish, perhaps the Angles, certainly the Norse men - sometimes repelling them, always its soul remaining free.
Wales’ largest island - a holy island. Her two great monasteries – St. Cybi’s at Holyhead and St. Seiriol’s at Penmon, beacons far and wide.
As with England’s holy island of Lindisfarne, Vikings wrought destruction. Yet out of the broken land a multitude of churches grew and flourished.
Conflicts with England. Industrial developments, Times of hardship and poverty.
Yet still the mother, still called to be a nursery of saints. And now in the wake of dying churches come new places of resurrection, vigil, prayer, retreat and community, new coastal walks, pilgrim ways and life-giving monastic callings.
Still the seas wash its shores. Still its land is washed in the prayers of its believers.
Aidan was named after that Greater Flame, the Divine Flame that came to Ynys Mon first. 
Let that Flame burn brighter.
Let the saints grow purer.
Let God’s kingdom come here, as it is in heaven.
Duw a'ch cadw
Posted at 19:38pm on 13th October 2012
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