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26th June 2017
Help us to be bi-national John the Baptists - desert wrestlers and new world harbingers #RowanWilliams @BerwickOrdination @Sermon
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25th June 2017
#Ordinations Help us to embrace our imperfections and not worry about unattainable utopias #RowanWilliams
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24th June 2017
Remind us that small daily choices can bring transformation if we do not give up.#DailyPrayer
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23rd June 2017
Help us to dig tunnels of hope through mountains of despair #MarftinLutherKing
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22nd June 2017
Next time I feel a twinge remind me its a hinge and its not my place to winge #EarliestBritishMartyrs
Tweeted at 12:58pm
21st June 2017
We are more safe within your hand than if armed guards around us stand #StColumba
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20th June 2017
The birds chirp: let us not remain sour. Change hate into love at this dire hour. #FinsburyPark
Tweeted at 1:46pm
19th June 2017
In the confusion of our psyches reveal yourself in the purity of your form #RetreatantDay
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18th June 2017
With you beside I journey on my way. I have no fear when you are near, O King of dark and day.
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17th June 2017
When our steps are weary and our lives are dreary open the gates of glory
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16th June 2017
Lord, give us advertisers free from lies in whom there is no deceit #BerwickUponTweedUK
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15th June 2017
Bread of Heaven on You we feed; from this Sacrament meet our need. Change our hearts, transform the world, plant in it Love's tiny seed.
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14th June 2017
May you be given the Eye of the Eagle to see with mercy divine movements and to soar with Eternity’s songs #Vindolanda
Tweeted at 1:36pm
13th June 2017
Lead us from confusion to calling, from violence to mercy until everyone has a part in your divine purpose #UK
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12th June 2017
May politicians and voters find God and good in their neighbors #AidanandHildaGatheringWindmillFarmCenterOxfordshire
Tweeted at 1:35pm
11th June 2017
Release us from old routines to swing in abandoned joy and awesome adventure. In the intervals let us rest in your still center.
Tweeted at 1:44pm
10th June 2017
Flame-dancing Spirit, come; sweep us off our feet and dance with us through the world's fault-lines #CAandHAnnualGatheringOxon
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9th June 2017
Humbled, now surprise us with fresh possibilities. May we discern new patterns and forge new, inclusive partnerships.#Oxford
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8th June 2017
Despite the deceptions of unelected media may truth tellers and community builders with servant hearts be elected to our Parliaments.
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7th June 2017
The Healing One be in your body, in the hands of all who touch you, and in all that is around you #NewcastleRVI
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a prayer...

We arise today
in the wisdom of the One
who brought to birth the giant plains,
the water and the first beings.
We arise today
in the brightness of the One
who created the blazing sun,
the shining stars and the twinkle in our eyes.
We arise today
in the mercy of the One
who gave us dreams
and memories and hearts.

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