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18th January 2018
The Machine dragoons and drains us. Put a sparkle in our lives and bring us fully alive! #CAandHNorthampton
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17th January 2018
Hurting people hurt people. Let your forgiving love transform our hurts @praycelticdaily @northamptonuniversity
Tweeted at 4:12pm
16th January 2018
Help flailing politicians and hurting people replace malice with mercy #caandhretreatnorthampton
Tweeted at 8:21pm
Help flailing politicians and we hurting people replace mud-slinging with mercy @northamptonvoyagersretreatcaandh
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15th January 2018
Let there be spaces between us in our loving and learning, in our working and wandering – spaces for you to fill…
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14th January 2018
May books inspired by truth, insight or beauty wing their way into many hearts. #
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13th January 2018
Though the nations rage, teach us to listen to you, Lord, who brings the counsel of the nations to nothing #Psalm33USAAndAfricanUnion
Tweeted at 4:54pm
12th January 2018
Spur us to leave behind selfish ways and to follow every gleam #EpiphanyTransformation
Tweeted at 2:36pm
11th January 2018
Put a glory in our work today. Put a glory in the midday fray #CommunityOfAidandAndHildaMiddayPrayerEpiphany
Tweeted at 3:53pm
10th January 2018
Help us not to hide behind our selfish barricades but to journey on with you until we hear the singing over garden walls #Borders
Tweeted at 5:00pm
9th January 2018
Its Epiphany - so even if we head into the twilight give us a twinkle #HaddingtonSeriousBookClub
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8th January 2018
I will praise you on this brief sparrow flight through earth #Ellingham
Tweeted at 4:15pm
7th January 2018
May the Three Loves in God's heart be a Voice to affirm us, a Presence among us and a Dove to anoint us TheophanyOrEpiphanySunday
Tweeted at 3:08pm
6th January 2018
Arise! Shine! For the rays of Christ's glory spread across the world. Open our eyes to see. Open our hearts to shine. #EpiphanyAndTheophany
Tweeted at 3:56pm
5th January 2018
Friendship, sincerity and trust - let these bind us to the Son of God today #LastDayOfChristmas
Tweeted at 6:46pm
4th January 2018
Jesus, you learned to play well, study well and love well. Help us to follow in your steps #EleventhDayOfChristmas
Tweeted at 3:58pm
3rd January 2018
O Babe of Heaven, Defenceless Love, you left for us your home above. You come to take us in your hand. O make the…
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2nd January 2018
The soles of the Son of Glory have reached this earth: so, let nothing be inglorious in my life today #NinthDayOfChristmas
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1st January 2018
Tweeted at 5:16pm
Happy New Year friends. God strengthen our resolve to seize every opportunity for good in 2018 #NewYearsDay
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a prayer...

We arise today
in the wisdom of the One
who brought to birth the giant plains,
the water and the first beings.
We arise today
in the brightness of the One
who created the blazing sun,
the shining stars and the twinkle in our eyes.
We arise today
in the mercy of the One
who gave us dreams
and memories and hearts.

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