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23rd October 2017
Move us to live with hands open for your good bread of wisdom and justice, and to release the harm that comes through us and towards us.
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22nd October 2017
Through our shared vulnerability make us a community in league with life #BerwickLiteraryFestival
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21st October 2017
Clear our minds of prejudices and pre-occupations until we see only the Sun #BerwickLiteraryFestival
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20th October 2017
Help us to find ourselves in harmony with the basic energy of creation which is love #BerwickUponTweed
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19th October 2017
Help us to create a safe space where the stranger can enter in #NouwenParcivallHall
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18th October 2017
Let grateful hearts produce a feast, the King of Heaven our host for eternity #ParcivallHallGardensRetreat
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17th October 2017
Jesus, be my coach. Teach me to rise like the lark, listen to you and then sing my song. #AidanAndCaedmon
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16th October 2017
These are God's family, companions of heaven, urging us on as we pilgramage forth
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15th October 2017
God bless the new Forth to Farne Pilgrimage Route being opened today #NorthBerwickToLindisfarne
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14th October 2017
O Birther of all that is, May I and the whole universe grow strong in your motherly love #CommunityOfAidanAndHilda
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13th October 2017
Instead of grumbling let there be gratitude. Instead of complaining let there be celebration #BethlehemsRoadAdventBookOutNow!
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12th October 2017
Come, God of the homecoming, make me ready for the grateful embrace '#ThursdayThoughts
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11th October 2017
Come, Divine Gift, may we cease to vainly strive #MentalHealthDay
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10th October 2017
Open our eyes that we may see; touch our hearts that we may feel; move our legs that we may leap towards you #RaysAdventBookBethlehemsRoad
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9th October 2017
RT @PeteGreig: When life is tough they tell you to be strong. Don't be strong. Be weak. Honest weakness takes courage, eliciting kindness,…
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Come Justice Restorer, chastise producers who applaud free markets but create monopolies & overprice #RaySimpsonsAdventBookBethlehemRoad
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7th October 2017
Harvester God, As brown leaves fall help us to leave behind summer’s ways and go forward in deepening compassion, thankful to heaven.
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6th October 2017
Jesus, I give you my life I ask for Your guidance Let Your will shine through my life today and forever #HolyIsland
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5th October 2017
Affordable housing. Trustworthy energy suppliers. Communal organ donation. Please God. #Manchester
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4th October 2017
Rescue them from the terror: healing angels attend them, tender angels lift them, holy angels escort them to your presence #Michaelmas
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a prayer...

We arise today
in the wisdom of the One
who brought to birth the giant plains,
the water and the first beings.
We arise today
in the brightness of the One
who created the blazing sun,
the shining stars and the twinkle in our eyes.
We arise today
in the mercy of the One
who gave us dreams
and memories and hearts.

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St Aidan's Way of Mission
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