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Ray's Blog: February 2022

Lent, Ukraine And Transfiguration

At this time in the western church’s year we accompany Christ in the six week journey through Lent. On the Sunday before Lent, we think about Jesus’ testing journey to Jerusalem where he was persecuted, betrayed and executed but first he was transfigured with three friends up a mountain.

Jesus had...

Posted at 15:33pm on 28th February 2022

How You Can Help Write Acts Of Apostles Book Two

A man who works in a Christian bookshop sobbed for three days over the plight of Ukrainians. My book 'Brendan's Return Voyage: A New American Dream' also brought tearss. His book shop agreed to stock it. For it tells how so-called Christian American settlers treated indigenous peoples as Putin's...

Posted at 20:23pm on 26th February 2022

The Contemplative Activist

It was Monday. Church leaders are gathered on Holy Island for a retreat led by Scott Brennan and Brother Cassian on Contemplative Activism. Brother Cassian arrived at my home on Sunday shortly before midnight - his train was delayed for some six hours by storm damage on ...

Posted at 08:40am on 23rd February 2022

Not Right, Not Left, But Shalom My Friend.

I watched one of Louis Theroux’s Forbidden America interviews with Alt Right Gen 7 male ‘Christian’ Americans.  They want to keep USA predominantly white because they assume that whites founded it. They are against other religions (e.g. Moslems and Jews) because they claim those who founded USA were Christians....

Posted at 08:18am on 17th February 2022

Opiate Or Tonic?

I watched The Last Days of the Czars on Netflix. They were devout Christians.  Although their faith comforted them in their adversity, it cocooned them from the realities of the vast masses of the poor. They did not pray as Jesus urged ‘Your kingdom come on earth as it...

Posted at 09:52am on 11th February 2022

Celtic Creation Care Podcast


  Earthkeepers: A Circlewood Podcast on Creation Care and Spirituality Celtic Creation Care: Changing the Church to Save the Planet, with Ray Simpson 00:00  
Posted at 10:06am on 4th February 2022
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