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Ray's Blog: March 2022

An Invite To Aidan And Hilda Week Retreat On Holy Island

Aidan and Hilda Week: A Retreat on Holy Island led by Ray Simpson and Scott Brennan

Dates: Friday 26th August – Friday 2nd September

Retreat theme:  At this retreat Ray Simpson will be unveiling fresh perspectives on five women and seven men who spearheaded the 7th c Irish Mission...

Posted at 20:39pm on 26th March 2022

Prayer Over Ukraine

Over Ukraine at this fateful hour,

I place all heaven with its power, and the sun with its brightness

and the snow with its whiteness,

and fire with all the strength it hath,

and lightning with its rapid wrath,

and the winds with their swiftness along their path,

and the sea with its deepness,

and the...

Posted at 17:12pm on 24th March 2022

Open Letter To President Putin

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russia,

You inspired me to visit your great country and its fast-reviving monasteries which were filling up with young people, aided by your generosity. You were baptized as an infant and ever since your visit to the Holy Land, when the cross your mama gave...

Posted at 09:27am on 16th March 2022

How You Can Write Acts Of The Apostles Volume Two

A man who works in a Christian bookshop sobbed for three days over the plight of Ukrainians. My book 'Brendan's Return Voyage: A New American Dream' also brought tears. His book shop agreed to stock it. For it tells how so-called Christian American settlers treated indigenous peoples as Putin's...

Posted at 10:54am on 10th March 2022
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