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A Pre-Advent Retreat with John of Patmos

13th Nov 2017, 4:30pm - 17th Nov 2017, 10:00am
The Open Gate, TD15 2SD

Leadership: Ray Simpson- Author & Founding Guardian

Theme: Meditate on the writings of John, the new testament writer, who offers unique insights into "Trinity's Tenderness" which can illumine our lives.

Catering: Full Board

Cost: £190 + B&B cost


For more information contact The Open Gate:
Phone: 01289 389222
Email: opengate@aidanandhilda.org.uk
Website: https://www.aidanandhilda.org.uk/retreats-menu.php

a prayer...

We arise today
in the Eternal Flow of Mercy
who was here when the land began to breathe,
when the first tribes began to roam,
and when the colonists came to settle.
We arise today
in the Eternal Flow of Wisdom
who is dimly perceived in the stones,
the stories and the studies of all our peoples.
We arise today
in the Eternal Flow of Life
who seeps through land and limb and love.

Taken from
St Aidan's Way of Mission
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Houses of Prayer
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