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Creative Writing

It's a great read. I refer to Harold Evans' latest book 'Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing well matters'. How many of we (or should it be us?) writers sympathise with Pascal's words 'I would have written something shorter but I didn't have time'?

Now in its second...

Posted at 14:02pm on 23rd June 2017

Wednesday Lunches With Desert Fathers

Ragnild Ogaard from Oslo gave two glorious gifts for our Celtic Christian Studies Library at our Annual Gathering. They were newly published Norwegian books. The first translates into English, according to her, as 'Lunch on Wednesdays with the Desert Fathers.' This little volume is written by Sven Aasmundtveit, a...
Posted at 16:51pm on 13th June 2017

Christ At The Fault Lines

I am with a crowd. It’s The Community of Aidan and Hilda’s Annual Gathering at Windmill Farm Center Oxfordshire, UK. Our theme is ‘Faith, Hope and Love on the Fault-lines’. Our Community Soul Friend, Peter Neilson, recently returned from The Holy Land. He discovered that Jesus, Son of God,...
Posted at 16:22pm on 10th June 2017

Walls Or Divine Connections?

No Man Is an Island is the theme of Edinburgh's Abbey Summer School this year. These summer schools are inspired by Regents' College, Vancouver. The world's focus on Trump's walls and Brexit's border controls makes the theme timely.

Julie Canlis' opening address defined the false individualism that characterises the Anglo-Saxons...

Posted at 17:52pm on 2nd June 2017

Rescue Our Songs From The Debris

The Ireland tour had two great climaxes. On my last day in The Republic my daily prayer tweet was: Today let us rescue your song in our hearts from the debris and sing it with all our being #HornerKerkmanSongArtistsGoreyIreland. My musical hosts then took me to their Methodist Church in...
Posted at 07:14am on 27th May 2017

Ireland Prayer Garden Opens

This week my Ireland tour took me to a prayer garden, nine relatives, an eco-hermitage and two music bands.

What a privilege to dedicate a new Prayer Garden in Ireland’s County Carlow. Stella Durant wrote this article about it for The Aidan Way

Our Founding Guardian...

Posted at 14:20pm on 20th May 2017

Ireland Tour Begins

I began my Ireland tour in the North by preaching to two vibrant parishes led by Revd. Andy Heber, an Aidan and Hilda Voyager. I also listened to views of Northern Ireland electors.

After meeting some friends I was a guest at Cluain Chiarain, the new Catholic Prayer Centre...

Posted at 20:02pm on 12th May 2017

Indigenous Wood Speaks Today

Andreas stayed for a week. He comes from Germany and lives in Norway. It was he who, when we had to equip the Open Gate fast for our first season with very little money, bought furniture etc for bargain prices at Alnwick auctions. It was he also who found,...
Posted at 18:30pm on 6th May 2017

Monks And Moderns - Old Habits Die Hard

That was the theme of a retreat in Anglesey, which Penny Warren and I joined. It was led by Richard Adams and James Percival, Community of Aidan and Hilda co-ordinators in North Wales. It was held in the parish church at Llandonna, with refreshments in the nearby home of James and...
Posted at 16:30pm on 30th April 2017

To Gandhi At British Parliament

I journeyed to the UK Parliament in London on the day Theresa May called a general election. There I met new and old friends to hear Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, the Mahatma's grandson, talk about issues between Muslims, Hindus and Christians that led to the partition of India and...
Posted at 07:23am on 23rd April 2017
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