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What's Church In A Post-christian Era?

What an interesting mix. I accompanied a pilgrim group at The Open Gate after they had walked Cuthbert's Way. Half came from Norway's Bible Belt: half were open-ended Swedes who, even if they did not go to church, liked asking questions.

Which is why our final session together explored...

Posted at 08:07am on 18th August 2017

Not In God's Name

Friends have invited me to a meal followed by their local book club meeting. I've bought the book. It is 'Not in God's name: confronting religious violence' by Britain's former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sachs. It is brilliant.

It reports extensive research that shows that people who are killing in...

Posted at 21:20pm on 11th August 2017

Norway Connecting

It was meant to be a holiday. I would tick off Selje and Nideros from my Bucket List. It became a pilgrimage, an apostolic tour, a deepening of followers of The Way.

Mecky and Kristin met me at Bergen airport. We zigzagged round mountains and ferried across fjords for seven...

Posted at 15:31pm on 4th August 2017

Shetlands House Of Prayer

I am at Sumbaugh airport, ready to depart from the Shetland Isles to Norway. The Norway Vikings once ruled here. The King of Norway declared his country Christian in 995, including the Shetlands, but behind this there is a story.

Picts who lived here turned to Christ in the 700's....

Posted at 07:23am on 29th July 2017

Go North, My Friend, Go North

It took twenty seven hours from door to door: two trains, one overnight ferry, hired car drives and ferries across two more islands. I could have flown to Australia and almost back to Hong Kong in that time. In fact I am still in Britain, on the island...
Posted at 10:14am on 18th July 2017

A Fantastic Team On The Way

It's a great team. I have long been working on The Way - an on-line 'Pilgrimage for Life'. Those who enrol will get seven daily emails followed by a week's spiritual exercises for years to come. The aim is to enlist millennials to veterans in all five continents....
Posted at 19:41pm on 14th July 2017

A Holy Place

What a privilege! The minister of the church I planted forty years ago stays with me during his sabbatical study. His theme is 'What makes a place holy?' Mark. its current minister, told me how, in a previous church , they learned to listen to the neighbourhood, the...
Posted at 18:09pm on 6th July 2017

Summer Festival In Denmark

I am at Areopagos' 2017 Summer School at Haslev, Denmark. Its theme is The Art of Balance. Denmark's Pilgrim Pastor, Elizabeth Knox-Seith interviews me for the Talk Show, and I give the final address on the theme Holistic Christianity: Healing the Split in Western Christendom. You can download the...
Posted at 09:24am on 27th June 2017

Creative Writing

It's a great read. I refer to Harold Evans' latest book 'Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing well matters'. How many of we (or should it be us?) writers sympathise with Pascal's words 'I would have written something shorter but I didn't have time'?

Now in its second...

Posted at 14:02pm on 23rd June 2017

Wednesday Lunches With Desert Fathers

Ragnild Ogaard from Oslo gave two glorious gifts for our Celtic Christian Studies Library at our Annual Gathering. They were newly published Norwegian books. The first translates into English, according to her, as 'Lunch on Wednesdays with the Desert Fathers.' This little volume is written by Sven Aasmundtveit, a...
Posted at 16:51pm on 13th June 2017
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