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Some 'expert' on TV announced that the new old age is between 85 and 95. 'Great', I thought to myself, 'I might miss it'.

Another TV programme showed us how to lose weight and be fit  without leaving home. I'm trying it out. New energy pours in and new inspiration pours...

Posted at 19:36pm on 17th February 2018


A few days before he died of cancer, a new Berwick friend contacted me. He hosted a small group of neighbours who discussed significant questions of science, philosophy and religion. He wanted it to continue. Would I join it and help to keep it going?

This week four of us discussed...

Posted at 08:57am on 7th February 2018

Listen To Different Generations And Races

My recent blogs have brought some great feed-back. What about this from Paul John Martin in Minnesota:


 We believe that in the Celtic Way, we have something priceless we are called by God to pass on to others. How...?  I have three main ideas.


  First, we can pray daily, faithfully. Ray reported on...

Posted at 15:26pm on 2nd February 2018

The Lie And The Summons

Democracies die when electorates swallow a lie. Today's Lie, like a triangle,  has three sides. The first side of The Lie is based on ignorance. It is the belief that the level of peace, public services and civil order (with all their ups and downs) which most western democracies have...

Posted at 18:13pm on 27th January 2018

The Pledge: We'll Pray Daily For A New Generation

The Annual Community of Aidan and Hilda Retreat for those in vows was held at the King's Center, Northanption this week.The three guardians gave teaching on the dynamics of a communty of love: How the early Christians loved one another,  How hurting people hurt others, How to put forgiveness into...

Posted at 08:15am on 15th January 2018

Books Blaze A Trail

'A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit' wrote John Milton.

I've been invited to join a 'Serious Book Club'. It meets at Haddington, south of Edinburgh. It consists of a Jesuit and Presbyterian ministers who have made life-long  use of their left brain.  Last month we studied...

Posted at 08:58am on 13th January 2018

Endless Adventure

The Norwegian sailor and pastor Tom Martin Berntsen this week recounted how God had led him as we met in the Celtic Studies Library at Lindisfarne. Some years ago, he undertook a solo pilgrimage from Ustein Klosters to Iona in his own boat – he was looking for adventures in...

Posted at 17:03pm on 6th January 2018

New Year Message For 2018



New Year is a time to seek new direction. It is also a time to put measures in place that avert bad things.


Bad things that threaten our world are


displacement of work by robots and...
Posted at 15:43pm on 31st December 2017

Christmas Day In A Place Of Angels


 Accompanied by my sister Sally, and before our Christmas dinner with Carol, Judith and Skeena at Carol's new home, I celebrate Holy Communion and preach at Saint Aidan's Church, Bamburgh. This is my sermon.


I wish you a Happy Christmas, though I realize...

Posted at 16:10pm on 23rd December 2017

I Cannot Thank You Enough



At the Society of Authors Christmas Lunch in Edinburgh authors were invited to bring a Christmas-wrapped gift book. As people left they could take home one of these secret book gifts. I Christmas-wrapped my book Before We Say Goodbye published by HarperCollins. A few days later I received...

Posted at 19:33pm on 15th December 2017
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