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Celtic From Outdoors

The latest A Rocha Newsletter has this piece:

'Celtic Christian theology has a strong creation focus and an ecological dimension to faith and practice. This has become more enunciated in recent years in response to the environmental crisis.

Ray Simpson in Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis:Twelve Keys for the Future of the...

Posted at 08:03am on 4th August 2022

Celtic Prayers For Praying The Hours

£10.59 from Amazon

The introduction to this new book states that early followers of the Way in the Roman Empire and in Celtic lands followed the flow of the Roman workday: bells began the working day at six in the morning, sounded a mid-morning break at nine, rang again for...

Posted at 17:40pm on 27th July 2022

God's Water From Wales

Narrative 1:

'Dust off our Welsh saints: they are keys to our future' Rowan Williams told Brother Gildas of Caldey Abbey. This week I visited married monk Simon Jones, his wife Natalie and their four year old son Samuel who have moved to Ruthin, in Wales' Vale of Clywd and...

Posted at 09:34am on 22nd July 2022

Pilgrimage Revival Talk

Over the first two week-ends of July churches celebrated a major revival of pilgrimage to Norway'western fjord village of Selje. They included the Lutheran Church of Norway, Catholics, Orthodox and Pentecostals. I gave two talks to a hotel conference organised by the commune's new Pilgrim Centre, attended by...

Posted at 21:17pm on 13th July 2022

Speaking Tour Of Norway - Selje Awakes

My sister Sally and I will be in Norway until July 11 and will post no further blogs.

The tour host is Mecky Wohlenburg

We spend two nights at Lia gard retreat centre, during a families and creativity retreat, and I speak at Sandon Retreat Centre on Celtic Christianity, Iona and...

Posted at 06:52am on 27th June 2022


While I was on welcomer duty at Berwick’s The Guard, I read a booklet entitled ‘Berwick’s Most Scandalous Elections’. The trouble in those days was that candidates bribed electors.

There is more in the Bible about justice than almost any other subject. Moses built a just society based on The...

Posted at 11:26am on 23rd June 2022


Soon after I became a resident of Lindisfarne Rosemary and Rev.James Turnbull, who had an unofficial but distinguished ministry at Glastonbury, Britain's foremost centre for early Christian and contemporary earth spiritualities, began to make an annual retreat with us, and pleaded that the pure, deep spirituality of Lindisfarne...

Posted at 09:59am on 17th June 2022

Walking In The Spirit

We are in the season of Pentecost. Celtic Christians undertook forty days of vigil at this time. Since it was summer in their lands they could go outdoors and learn to 'walk in the Spirit'. Here are suggestions for walking in the Spirit each of the forty days.



Posted at 12:23pm on 9th June 2022


Most people in the world vote for elected Presidents or Heads of State. There are also many unelected Heads of State. A few vote for a constitutional monarch, knowing they can vote in a Government to replace the monarchy any time.

Elizabeth, Queen of the United Kingdom of England, Northern...

Posted at 09:35am on 2nd June 2022

Ascension = Transformation

Most of the world's Christians celebrate today as Ascension Day (Orthodox Christians celebrate it a little later). Muslims also celebrate it, although they do not think Jesus could have died on that cross beforehand, because the Almighty/Allah cannot die. Our society is aware of our cosmic inter-connectivity and of quantum...

Posted at 03:33am on 26th May 2022
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