Franciscan Tertiaries Explore The Trinity

This week I co-led a retreat for Franciscan Tertiaries across the Borders of England and Scotland at Whitchester Retreat, Hawick - an inspired place. I offered spiritual direction and gave seven talks. Themes included Endless Adventure, Enlightening Elders, and the Trinity - The Art of Loving all of God. Here are a few tasters of the talk on The Trinity.

'The Trinity: for Muslims it's a heresy, for evangelists it's a lost cause, in the western Church it's been a dead, disputed dogma, often reduced to a diagram in a theological college - but for us its a cosmic love affair which the heart longings of the world cry out for.

What was the cause of this blindness in so much of western Christianity? Projection. Projection of a false ego of an imperialistic form of Christianity. This presented the Father as the Top Person - the Commander-in-Chief. The Son was his lieutenant, the No. 2 who did what he was told and expected us to behave in a similar way. No. 3 was their Communications Director, the Spirit. All male.

We know that the origin and fulfilment of all is Relationship, not Rule. We know that the Three Loves in God's heart are communing eternally. We know that the cosmos flows from God. The cosmos has flaws and pains. God flows into the flaws and pains and back again to the Source. This has been likened to an eternal dance. We are invited to join in the dance..

Deep within us all dwells the Divine Trinity. The Father continually loves the Son who respond in love, not in a way that excludes others. Through the Spirit who is holy and whole they radiate this love outwards to include all. So prayer is allowing the prayer of the Trinity in us to connect with all that we are and to overflow. These mantras may help us:

God who yearns. God who yields. God who yeasts the world.

God beyond. God beside. God within.

God as Being. God as Brother. God as Breath. '

Posted at 06:34am on 8th June 2018
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