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Ray's Blog: April 2012

Finnish Clergy And Prayer In The Shed

About thirty senior clergy from Espoo Diocese, Finland were hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of Edinburgh this week. Andrew Bain and I led a day on Benedictine and Celtic spirituality. The idea was to explore the changing world framework to which even static state churches need to adapt.  In order...

Posted at 02:25am on 29th April 2012

Norwegian Beachcomber

Why do so many Norwegians come to Holy Island? Is it because they like walking, boats, football, nature, and praying? A pilgrim group from rural western Norway walked St Cuthbert’s Way and stayed four days on the island. Some live on islands and have boats. Others have a boat hanging from...

Posted at 14:20pm on 19th April 2012

Pie In The Sky Or Resurrection Of Earth?

 Time Magazine (April 12 2012) ran an article under the title Heaven Can’t Wait: Why rethinking the hereafter could make the world a better place.  It contrasts a traditional view of heaven, where believers go through pearly gates as an escape from this world, with a biblical view of a bodily...

Posted at 01:05am on 13th April 2012


Edmund had impeccable timing. He died, aged ninety, on the eve of Resurrection Day. When his widow, Joan, rang to tell me I said:  'Typical.'

I met him  about 1958 when, as a Church Army Captain, he ran a tin tabernacle church on a housing estate outside Bognor. He had an accident and...

Posted at 08:54am on 7th April 2012

Donkeys Make A Come-back. Why?

A UK report says Palm Sunday open air processions with donkeys are increasing, and churches can't get enough of these lowly creatures.  Why might this be? I can think of three reasons:

1) Attendance at Easter services is hit by the mass exodus to holiday destinations. Local church communities are still...

Posted at 09:54am on 5th April 2012
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