Advents, Brexits And The God Of Surprises


 Advent recalls Jesus’ warnings -  fault lines beneath what’s false in our personal and international set-ups will be exposed and they will collapse. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this collapse can make space for Reality to step into centre stage. The reality is God, Source and Goal of the cosmos.


Ever more commentators, noting Brexit, USA polarisation, the rise of neo-fascism in many lands, and of unelected elites who run the world through social media, robots and hidden finance, speak of ‘The End Times’. Britain’s ‘mother of Parliaments’ seems set to face its worst peace-time crisis in its thousand year history. The end of liberal democracies and international trade partnerships to stop another war, and ecological catastrophe caused by human greed, with whole nations being wiped out by floods or droughts, stare us in the face.


People in past eras have suffered the end of the world – of their world – to terrible degrees. The worst year to be alive wasn’t 1349 when the Black Death ravaged Europe, or 1918 when the Spanish flue claimed up to 100 million lives. According to Science journal the most miserable period in human history began in AD 536 when a massive volcano blotted out the sun for 18 months, temperatures plummeted and crops failed. Matters were then made worse by an outbreak of bubonic plague in 541 which wiped out half the population of the eastern Roman Empire.


When MP’s vote on December 11 all the make-believe and posturing about Brexit will hit the brick wall of Reality. Damage to UK's economy and civic fabric will follow a vote based on false constructs.


 When envy takes root like a weed and competitiveness becomes a blood sport, what can be our response? Stephen Hawking  urges that we use science to re-write in corrections to our DNA so we become more unselfish. Jesus offers us a way of ‘writing in corrections’ so to speak, which is freed from nationalistic and denominationalistic constructs.


Jesus taught us not to believe every messiah or messianic political leader that rises up. He is I Am. He is with us. In the words of David Adam’s wonderful book Love the World He says to us:


 I am the quantum expanding forth


I am the explosion creating the elements


I am the aeons of time


I am the love and the joy


I am in you and you are in me


I am the Birther bringing all to fulfilment.





Posted at 14:55pm on 30th November 2018
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