Alzheimers, Terry Pratchett And My Friends

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimers. He has invited a film crew to chronicle his 'dark path'. He is determined not to be seen as a victim.

I have two priest friends with Alzheimers. One had such peace in the deeper levels of his soul that he his still peaceful and happy. He is fine, its just his memory that's gone. Another touched us greatly when he celebrated (yes, celebrated) Holy Communion recently. 'In this holy sacrament' he said, 'the infinitely loving God pours his mercy into our bodies, minds and souls. OK, our bodies are disintegrating - they won't last. OK the mind may be disintegrating - mine is - it won't last. But the most important thing is that He pours his life and love into our souls - and they last eternally. That is the only thing that really matters.'

Isn't that wonderful?

Posted at 04:45am on 8th February 2009
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