Australia Pilgrimage Begins

'Come and walk among us' said the Australians last year. I precede four months of 'walkabout' with a stop in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown. I visit its stalls and temple, then go to K L's city forest and Visitors' Tower. In its prayer room, to which all are welcome, a Muslim booklet explains that religion, for a Christian, means attending a church service on a Sunday, but for a Muslim it means a way of life. This pinpoints why our calling to offer our Way of Life to the world is so vital.

10.0 pm Thursday: Brent drives me from Melbourne airport to the family home at Waurns Ponds, Geelong. On Friday Belinda starts staff training at a new teaching post at a Lutheran school. Thomas plays a lot. I buy a cheap mobile phone in order to get twenty plus phone contacts on it that I will need in order to sort out details of forthcoming engagements.

Saturday: Convalescence? We drive to Belinda's parents, Gary and Wendy, for three days of holiday - a week-end and Australia Day Monday - at their house by Philip Port's glorious seaside. Brent goes boat fishing. I - though stiff and spaced out because of my medical condition - do love to be beside the seaside and manage to swim a mere 150 strokes for the first time in ages. I suffer for it and retire to bed. We watch Simon Reeves' series on Pilgrimage, which starts at Lindisfarne and ends in Jerusalem.

Australia Day Eve. Dan, Anouska, Bean and Wilbur come over with Granddad. A fantastic meal. The day ends with CA&H Group Midsummer Prayer on Skype. An inspired Aussie liturgy. My bit includes these words:

Earth teach us questing as dry creek beds look for water to rise.

Earth teach us connection as the spider which repairs its bridges.

Earth teach us hope as the bulb which waits underground.

Except that this was followed by a two hours' plus meeting with the Australian Caim Council on Skype. What a privilege to be invited.

Posted at 21:40pm on 23rd January 2015
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