Canada's Civilised Cities

A farm was given to Sorrento Centre. During my week faciliating Associates in Celtic spirituality farmer Dave, a Jew, asked if we would hold a rogation season blessing of the seeds, because 'that would make the plants 'grow well'. We all gathered there, had an earth blessing, circled the ground, listened to bird songs, quoted Scripture and sang. Our little ceremony begans with these words: 'Great Spirit, out of your love the universe was born. You have put in place all that is needed for growth and have trusted us to tend it.' It closed with these words: 'Generous be our hearts, open be our hands. Justice be our goal, thanksgiving be our call.

After a flight and a ferrry to Victoria, capital city of British Columbia, I was whisked off to begin an intensive week-end: three two hour workshops, two sermons to crowded congregations, and an impromptu children's talk hosted by First Metro United Church. This church has glorious creation songs and exquisite pictures projected on to six screens that illustrate prayers and readings. You can see some of these on its web site. A church member generously offered the church the guest room at the condominium where she rents a room. Here I could relax, explore the wonderful Gardens, Museums and waterfront for two days, escorted by various church members. On Monday I ferried back to Vancouver for a lunch and afternoon with twenty members of Grand View Calvary Baptst Church, pastored by Tim Dickau, whose book about this experiment is in the New Monastic Library series. An aging, gathered congregation twenty years ago, , the church has now embraced its downtown neighbourhood, has household collectives, community gardens, ministries to the homeless, refugees, children etc. We explored the pros and cons of adopting a Rule of Life.

Posted at 20:03pm on 18th May 2011
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