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It's a great read. I refer to Harold Evans' latest book 'Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing well matters'. How many of we (or should it be us?) writers sympathise with Pascal's words 'I would have written something shorter but I didn't have time'?

Now in its second generation, our dispersed Community of Aidan and Hilda has formed a committee to come up with worship material for a digital age. Evans quotes the saying 'A camel is a horse designed by a committee'. Evans' Sunday newspaper had to cover the story of Kim Philby, the head of British Intelligence, who was revealed as a Soviet spy. Their writers were educated in nuance by a former Foreign Office advisor who was a specialist in Anglican liturgy. 'Oh dear', he said, 'why does no one read our statements with the care with which we drafted them?'

This week has brought some writing encouragements from my BRF publisher. "The sales of Saint Hilda of Whitby: a spirituality for now are fantastic,...'" and I have been asked to provide an outline of a future book. Whoopee!

Mecky from Norway sent the cover picture of a new book in Norsk consisting of forty days of readings from Celtic Daily Light.

This week it's been a delight to welcome a 30 hour retreatant and a Fresh Expressions of Church advisor. 'Could you lead us in Creative Writing Days in Berwick or a Retreat on Holy Island?' If you would like this, please tell me and we'll try and arrange something. I better stop - for Evans Ten Rules on Writing tell me to.

Posted at 06:02am on 23rd June 2017
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