Did The Irish Save Civilisation And Can We?

Irish delight arrived in the person of Paul Wright, who is recording a six part radio series on 'Back From The Brink- The Heroic Contribution of The Irish in Helping To Save Western Civilization!' Paul cycled here from Berwick rail station and swam twice in one day in the north sea. 'I like those early saints, they were tough and earthy' he told us. He spent hours interviewing Kate and Andy, Mary Fleason, Open Gate people and myself on Aidan, whose life and mission will complete the series. He wanted to know about the spirit which infused Aidan's mission, his ability to talk with ordinary people at their own level, his love of the poor, folk stories surrounding him, how profound was his impact, his ultimate legacy and how he's remembered nowadays... Etc.! Watch this space.

Twitter power and people power more generally is an opportunity for good as well as for ill. My daily prayer tweet on Saturday was 'Please God may the Murdoch media empire step out of a culture of contempt and walk paths of honour - or may the people walk away from them'. Mark Berry re-tweeted this to over 800 followers. What's next?

What about 'The Cowshed Revolution'?' I sent my final manuscript to the publisher for this book on how Downwardly Mobile people can create peoples uprisings and build a new society.

Posted at 06:47am on 10th July 2011
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