Foundations And Futures

Six hours at London Heathrow waiting for the plane to Glasgow. Jet lag on Sunday. Mail mountains on Monday. York on Tuesday - an enjoyable storytelling day at Saint Bede Centre. If everybody who now lives in our multi-cultural society knows the stories of those who shaped the land they now live in or emigrated from - turning warring, hostile races into a fellowship of Christ's friends - Patrick and Brigid, Aidan and Hilda and even Arthur - what might people inspired by our selfless heroes aspire to now?

Wednesday preparing for our Caim Council and annual week-end at Red Hill near Stratford I combed through the seven national web pages on our web site. What treasures are there. What more might come on line? Read Matt Lamont's blog on Australia New South Wales.

Posted at 14:11pm on 9th June 2010
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