Greening Canada

Randal Goodfellow led Ottawa pilgrims across Cuthbert's Way to Holy Island. He helps to spearhead Anglican initiatives to green sacred spaces throughout Canada. So far, he says, Anglicans have concentrated on physical eco-audits of their buildings and grounds. He wants to broaden this out, network with green-minded people across the faiths, link this with Mission-Shaped Cathedral developments, change mind-sets, and weave Celtic resource materials into the church's worship, prayer and training practices. Ottawa Cathedral is to embark on a major re-development project that will include housing an Earth Embassy on its grounds. Discussions about increasing Community of Aidan and Hilda links are beginning.

A new attitude towards the earth is needed. Locally Randal will be part of a Lent Course on Creation that comes from the Archbishop of Canterbury's office. The fifth mark of mission as promoted by the Anglican Communion is to sustain the integrity of creation. Fellow pilgrim and Catholic Deacon Fred Jardine works with First Nation peoples. He told me of inspiring ways they relate their prayer to the precious earth. This can contribute to Canada's multi-faith Green Sacred Spaces initiative. I hope to include some of these prayers in a forthcoming book for North America entitled Celtic Prayer Services.

(Face east) Welcome the rising sun and the Creator's smilefuls of blessings

(Face south) Welcome summer - the warmth, healing and growth that comes from the Saviour's heart.

(Face west) Embrace the black times, when humans fall and pray for the people who face decline.

(Face north) Pray for those in the snow and those whose hair is white with age. Give thanks for the wisdom of the elders.

(Turn inwards and look to the earth) Bless Mother Earth upon which we make our home, and ask the Creator for strength to endure and renew as does the earth.

(Look up) Thank God for the sky. Invite the Father/Mother, the Saviour/Brother and the Great Spirit to come upon us with beautiful graces

Posted at 00:56am on 30th September 2011
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