Just A Lump Of Rock In The Ocean

I have known four Holy Island vicars. They get involved in the hassles of local institutions. We humans get possessive and resist change the world over - we think we own things.This dynamic is magnified on islands. People who want to do something get screwed up by it. So the words of one vicar who came from an intense meeting were like a fresh wind: 'This is just a lump of rock in the ocean'. No pretensions. Nothing to fight over. Isness. It reminds me of the words of someone else: 'Happy are the meek: they shall inherit the earth'.


This week I got brain and eye ache developing e-study courses. Yesterday I met James and Rebekah in York. I last met James (then known as Jimbo) with his heavy metal band in Adelaide. I last met Rebekah, whose family left Zimbabwe, when Andreas from Norway spoke prophecies over her family on that lump of rock in the ocean.


Posted at 23:10pm on 26th November 2011
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