The Lady In The Eye Clinic

Queues. Very British. I was in the eye clinic. The lady who documented people in the queues - before, during and after - never sat down, she just stood in the corridor. 'You deserve a break' I said. 'I love Christmas' she replied (perhaps she saw my cross?). 'Good gracious, you're the first person I've met for yonks who actually likes the modern Christmas' I responded. 'Oh, I'm not politically correct, I like nativities - I like them in shops ... they should be everywhere. And I like giving. Giving is fun', she said. I learned she would bake ten cakes and give them all away at Christmas.

By the time I got to see my consultant, even though I'd missed the tide, I decided I wouldn't complain. I, too, would be a giving person.


Posted at 02:47am on 30th November 2011
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