Lindisfarne Property

Lindisfarne has 130 residents who have to care for half a million visitors. This is a big pressure. Hotels and charitable establishments alike have a chronic need for more staff, and therefore for staff accommodation. Most have built extensions or rented cottages to meet this need.

Our small, Open Gate Retreat Centre, with only three guest rooms, offers hospitality and spiritual resources to larger groups, day visitors and members of our dispersed Community as well as to our own guests, including meals in a room which doubles for meetings. This creates unaceptable stresses on our volunteer staff, but we have no space to house the extra staff we need, so we drew up draft plans for an extension and consulted with island neighbours. We withdrew these, out of respect for those whose view would be affected, and those who have fond memories of this property as an Island Bar and who do not wish an Elizabethan treasure to be altered.

Out of the blue, the owner of The Lindisfarne Hotel asked us if we would like to buy that. The hotel had run down and was no longer what it used to be. It would enable us to have the staff, the meeting room and disabled access which we sorely need, and we could still sometimes offer rooms to the public. No decisions have been made. We welcome help and guidance.

Posted at 01:57am on 16th September 2008
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