More Sheds, Caves, Kitchens And Tents

I have facilitated a Celtic Christian Studies Week. Rod, from Down Under, tells us of the Mens Shed movement in Australia. Men love to meet in sheds, have a B.B.Q., while some share their faith.

Brenda, from Dalkeith returns to look for a cave. She does this after hearing how the cave, the kitchen and life pilgrimage  are three elements of ancient monasticism that we can incorporate into our modern lives.

Denise, a priest from Washington DC, has a rural church on a peninsular. The kitchen talk prompted her to tell how they provide free meals, and donations given in appreciation are passed on to the homeless. Roel, from the Netherlands, informed us of a new faith community that provides meals and daily prayer in a city centre.

Eight staff who service Christian Folk High Schools in Norway also visited the island. One of these excitedly told me how she and her friend prayed the Din rythme, din bonn (The Norwegian edition of Everyday Prayer for Busy People) in their tent during a skiing holiday.

This is moving stuff.

Posted at 10:48am on 11th May 2012
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