New Year Message


Capitalism is in crisis. The international 'Occupy' movement wants the 1 per cent who hold the levers of money and power to relate to the 99 per cent as one community. Time Magazine states that the world’s protesters pine for some third way, a new social order. UK Prime Minister David Cameron calls for a revolution in social responsibility and for the church to take a lead.

My new book 'The Cowshed Revolution: a new society created by downwardly mobile Christians' gives examples of Christians in different lands who pioneer social enterprises and who make a difference.

The world that hangs in the balance hangs also in God's hand. 'God of the years, at the start of a new year we put our hand in yours.  May we travel with less baggage and more wisdom, and learn from you how our journey should be'.

Posted at 01:52am on 31st December 2011
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