Norwegian Voyagers. Dutch Prophecies. Indigenous Aussies

Håkon Borgenvik, the new leader of Anamcara (our Community in Norway) and Torbjørn Kloster, one of the new leadership team, arrived on Holy Island after walking St. Cuthbert's Way with members of Hakon's previous parish of Holem and present parish Flekkerøya, outside Kristiansand. They renewed their vows, and two members of the party. Kirsti and Nils made their first Vows of the Voyage on Cuthbert's Isle. Flekkeroya is an island with links to Holy Island - five of its young men stole away in a boat when Hitler invaded and landed on Lindisfarne which welcomed them. Flekkeroya is part of the revival area. Most of its two and a half thousand inhabitants attend a church. Hakon is vicar. Torbjorn is a gardener and poet. Some of his prayer poems have been translated into English such as this:

Jesus Christ, you were before everything was created

You made everything by your word

You made us

you are when everything perishes.

You were a fetus

You grew in Mary's womb

You were born as a human

Show us that we can learn from the holy Mary

To give you our wholehearted YES

to serve you in humility

To give you our love

to live in trust of your promises.

Let the power of God overshadow our ego

Let the Spirit of God live in us

that we may follow you in all things.

Marc, a prophetic friend from the Netherlands, skyped me with this parable for the church. He saw houses that were empty of people. Where had they gone? They were living in tents in the gardens! Our Norwegian friends sense something similar. They feel called to move out of the artificial constructs of false churchianity and to let Christ reveal himself through our humanness, in our day to day lives.

An example of this came through this email from Judy in Australia: 'We are here in Cairns at the invitation of Islanders to help them write prayers that are written through Torres Strait eyes. It is exciting, but also unknown. It all started after they read the Naygay Liturgy I wrote. Others wanting prayers about their winds. Day 1 today, I need to be sensitive to their agenda, pray I will listen well and put aside my own agenda.See where my Celtic Spirituality journey has led me....'

Marc has been asked to teach about past revivals so these can happen again. Marc says this will not happen like that. Today God wants a person to be a small flame in an office, another in a school, another in a hospital, until lots of little flames spread among the people where they are, not just all together in a church. This is indeed 'The Aidan Way':Little Indigenous Flames.

Posted at 12:52pm on 17th August 2016
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