The Oldie

The woman who writes the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ feature for Oldie Magazine clutched a book she had bought in the Post Office when in walked 81 year old Kate Tristram. ‘That’s the author’ said the Postmaster. ‘Can I interview you?’ she asked Kate.

She seemed shocked by what Kate told her. Here was a woman who not only believed, she actually maintained Christian practices – like 21 services a week in a mostly unheated church. ‘Don’t you have doubts?’ she asked. ‘Of course I have doubts’, Kate replied, ‘they are essential to faith. The more doubts I have the more I re-think things as I grow older.’ Our innocent interviewer was in for another surprise. She asked about death, thinking perhaps that she’d get the PC reply ‘heaven will be lovely’. ‘I take death very seriously’, Kate told her. 'We have a judgment to face’.

You will have to wait for the April edition of the Oldie to see what’s been made of the interview. I hope it hasn’t been made too PC.

Posted at 01:54am on 18th December 2011
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