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Two years my book 'The Cowshed Revolution' set out a framework of moral and social values without which the ' free market' will destroy us. Now the Archbishops of York and Canterbury have taken up this cause in their new book on Solid Rock. This, too, sets out set the essential values we need to build a just, sustainable and compassionate society in. Dr. Sentamu also echoes this point: 'We need to rediscover the true meaning of the word economy – it means a household, a community whose members share responsibility for each other.'

In the aftermath of Europe's terror attacks, my blog last week called not only for rejection of killing as a way to achieve one's goals, but also disapproval of the violation of the holy convictions of millions. Now Pope Francis has made exactly the same point, albeit in colourful language. If someone insults his mother he might give him a slap!

At our annual UK Retreat for Voyagers in Vows, Mark Berry, author of 'A New Monastic Handbook' was our keynote speaker. Ash Barker and colleagues from Springdale College, Birmingham, joined some of our leaders for a working lunch. Both of our networks are involved in planning fresh developments in whole life adult studies, including units on Celtic spirituality. We feel excited about possible partnership.

Lots of preparation before I depart for a four month teaching, retreat and facilitation tour of Australia. Plans for one placement to reside at my cottage, Whitehouse, fell through at the last minute. So if you would like a week or more in a Holy Island cottage with perhaps the best view in Christendom (of the harbour, Bamburgh castle where Saint Aidan died and the Farne Isles where Saint Cuthbert stormed the gates of heaven) please enquire. Don't contact me. Contact The Open Gate Retreat House which manages bookings: tel: + 01289 389222.

And finally, at this morning's service at Holy Island's St. Mary's Church I was invited to the front and sent off on my pilgrimage Down Under with this prayer:

Lord, be a bright flame before you.

Be a guiding star above you.

Be a smooth path beneath you

Be a kindly shepherd behind you

What with rheumatic aches, a cold, a head like a sieve and some little local difficulties - I needed that prayer. Don't we all? I would value your prayers too. Then, soon, I hope to be a ray of sunshine.

Posted at 08:30am on 18th January 2015
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