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We had a great bunch of Christian leaders who came to retreat in order to advance. They learned about inspired leadership from Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, the Bible, Geology and Depth Psychology!

My favourite quote was from John Wimber: 'Never trust a leader who walks without a limp'.

Of course, we got on to management, too, and church councils.... How about this quote from the former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee: 'It is essential for the Cabinet to move on, leaving in its wake a trail of clear, crisp decisions. That is what government is about. And the challenge to democracy is to get it done quickly.'

Graham introduced excellent books on leadership from our Resources Centre at The Open Gate. Yes, of course we had to mention 'The One Minute Manager', and we described how we spent one minute a day (sometimes!) observing each person and affirming something positive. But then we hit the Crisis of Rising Expectations. Oh dear! That led us on to Jesus' Creative Absences (now that makes for a good Bible study) - and making time to have fun. So we ended by having fun together.

Have fun.

Posted at 14:55pm on 15th March 2009
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