The Shack

Yes, thanks for telling me about it, I too have now read this bestseller.

What did I enjoy most? I liked the bit when God (you know Who) emerged with plates of pancakes and fried potatoes (though I am sorry William Paul Young's God is not Green), dressed in a long-flowing African-looking dress, complete with a vibrant, multi-coloured headband, singing along to Bruce Cockburn's song 'Oh love that fires the sun keep me burning' and glowingly exclaims 'I love that child's songs! I am especially fond of Bruce, you know', and when asked if Bruce was her favourite, she replied 'I have no favourites, I am just especially fond of him'.

I'll sign off now, but before I do so I want you to know this: I'm especially fond of you.

Yours fondly

Sunshine Ray.

PS On my blogs the Divinity spells English the British way - papa's especially fond of this spelling.

Posted at 07:26am on 25th November 2008
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