Shine Like A Jewel

November 17. Saint Hilda's Day. Some gather near the site of Hilda's Whitby Abbey to renew their vows. I join others at Edinburgh, and Aidan and Hilda Voyagers throughout the world will renew their vows wherever they are


Each will place their Personal Application of the Way of Life before a Cross and say: 'I give myself again without reservation to God, the Three of Limitless Love. I seek to know Christ better and make him better known, to live simply that others may simply live, to fight the spiritual war and to follow the example of Aidan, Hilda and kindred saints. I commit myself again to simplicity, faithfulness and the honouring of those I am responsible to. I undertake again, as God permits, to follow a daily rhythm of prayer, work and re-creation, to meet with my Soul Friend and to make an annual retreat ...'


Penny Warren, our Members Guardian emails: 'Renewal of vows asks us to look back over our Way of Life, to give thanks for the way God has been leading us and to commit ourselves to continue in this way for the coming year. We can use this time to pray about things ... how to put things right... to ask God to search us ... it is about surrender to Him completely - here is the obedience we have vowed to live by ... also a prayer that finds us in the presence of God for the sake of being in the presence of God... As we find ourselves growing deeper in love of God we will see the changes that happen as we give ourselves the place where we live - our place of resurrection.'


At 6.0 am I sent this tweet to the world: As St Hilda shines like a jewel across time and place, give us, too wisdom, whole-life learning and skill to unlock music in the shyest heart.


Happy St. Hilda's Day.


Posted at 21:50pm on 16th November 2011
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