Spiritual Friendship

My old mate Norm Allen of  Touchstone Ministries Toronto, a CA&H Explorer,  and facilitator of men's spiritual development called in and I took him out to lunch. Over the past numbers of years Norm has been writing a book and it has now been published! "Spiritual Friendship, The Art of Being Friends with God and a few Others" .

The back cover informs us:
"The idea of spiritual friendship is ancient. Yet for many modern Christians, the concept of being vulnerable and transparent with another pilgrim on the way is mysterious and new. Different from "discipling" another believer-a relationship that   is based on equality, mutual trust, accountability and risk-taking by both parties. Spiritual friendships aren't easy, but they're worth it."
To purchase a copy of this book please visit:
Ontario Christian Books-125 Queen St. S, Streetsville, ON
Also available at
www.chapters.indigo.ca and www.amazon.ca. (search under Norm Allen)

Posted at 05:42am on 17th May 2012
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