The Book, The Skypes And The Tapestry

Brenda, a kind night owl, drove me from Newcastle airport to arrive at my home at 1.0 am, there to deal with a vastly different set of dynamics. So it's just as well I have been working on 'Spiritual Intelligence' by Cindy Wigglesworth. She informs me I need to be aware of the frames of reference of myself and everyone else, to operate from a centre of compassion and empathy, and to retain calm equilibrium in all circumstances. I'm working on it Cindy. Honest. God knows.

At the top of the pile were two publishers' deadlines which by some crazy dissonance in their timetables coincided. I have been working for over a year on an appraisal of contemporary missional initiatives in the light of 'St. Aidan 's Way of Mission' (the title of the forthcoming book to be published by BRF). This has added urgency in the light of ISIS - we need to offer young men and women a more compelling narrative and a greater challenge. The final amendments to the proofs were posted today. Look out for a summer launch.

Skype consultations with three friends who are involved in inner city mission, the development of an Order of prayer, and body-prayer workshops took place on consecutive days.

Carol invited me to a meal. I invited Ellie and Kate to tea, and offered them simnel cake that Kate had baked (!), and Open Gate guests came at other times.

The pride and joy of my return was a beautiful, brightly coloured tapestry on the theme of saints Aidan, Hilda, Brigid and Kevin. This was lovingly made by Carol and now hangs on my lounge wall. Come and see it.

Thank you to all CA&H Voyagers and Explorers who sent messages following my email report that I had prayed at Saint Barnabas the Encourager's tomb that they might be encouraged and encourage others.

Posted at 02:01am on 1st April 2016
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