The Lost Kingdom

 This week I received two communications about Saint Hilda. The first alerted me to the new Netflix series THE LOST KINGDOM. It contained just two terse words: Brexit?  Hilda?

The second were these  notes from a talk to a Community of Aidan and Hilda area group:

Members spent a half day learning from the experience of exile, inspired by Hilda of Whitby: A spirituality for now by Ray Simpson.

 Spirituality of exile: faith among the East Anglians” …   (Chapter 2)


 Andrew Jones: “Exiles are people compelled by circumstances to reside away from their native land” …

 Egs. Iraq, 1954 – 1958 … & England, 1959 – 1980 & 1988 – to date … Cp. 18 years in Scotland …

 Eugene Peterson: “The essential meaning of exile is that we are where we don’t want to be”! …

 Egs. Not just geographical …, but physical … emotional … spiritual … ? ? ? ? …

   “Repeatedly we find ourselves in circumstances where we are not at home” …                                              (Peterson) I have been an exile for 75% of my life! …


Recently two new novels about Hilda have come into my hands. The first, Hild, by Nicola Griffin, depicts Hild as a prophet and seer with the brightest mind. Reviewer Manda Scott likens it to The Game of Thrones without the dragons. The second novel had already been highly recommended to me in its original Danish version by one of our Aidan and Hilda members.  This Danish bestseller, The Song of Hild by Vibeke Vasbo, is now translated by Gaye Kynoch and published by Sacristy Press. Sir David Wilson, former Director of the British Museum, writes 'This is not hagiography, it is a triumphal story of a saint's passion and religious experience. But it is not for the faint-hearted...'

Finally, you might wish to send a letter of support re this creation of a new Saint Hilda's Way from Hartlepool to Whitby:


Hartlepool Borough Council has started its new journey of rediscovering St Hild and her outstanding life and achievements.  As part of this discovery we are applying for funds to help support our project to create a new ‘Way of St Hild’.

 The ‘Way of St Hild’ will extend from St Hilda’s Church on the Headland, Hartlepool and travel to Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire – a distance of 48 miles.

 As part of this project and application for funding; we are asking for letters of support from you.  The project extends to so many areas of St Hild’s life and achievements and beyond.  It encompasses the natural, built and landscape heritage along the way and is proud to be routed on the new England Coast Path for nearly its entire journey.

 The Communities it reaches are so varied and this variety will make the journey more enjoyable and interesting for all age groups.

 We envisage that people will want to walk for many reasons including religious, wellbeing, day trips, long distance walks and even just to visit special and precious places along the way.

 It is an opportunity to seek solace as well as company and life.

 I would be grateful if you support this project and send me a letter of support.  I do have a tight schedule and would ask if you could provide the letter by Friday 26th of October.  It is only a week but I hope that it will be enough time for you to email one to me.  If you think that there are some other people or organisations who could also write letters of support (and this is the guessing game as you are all blind copied) then ask them to support us, as well.

 This new ‘Way’ is a great opportunity to discover for new or to rediscover places not visited for some time.

 Kind regards and thank you, in advance and anticipation



 Chris Scaife | Countryside Access Officer


Hartlepool Borough Council


Tel: (01429) 523524









Posted at 08:16am on 30th November 2018
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