The Pledge: We'll Pray Daily For A New Generation

The Annual Community of Aidan and Hilda Retreat for those in vows was held at the King's Center, Northanption this week.The three guardians gave teaching on the dynamics of a communty of love: How the early Christians loved one another,  How hurting people hurt others, How to put forgiveness into practice, Understanding and working with people of different temperaments. Area group leaders met with Carol Few, newly appointed to mentor and co-ordinate them.

Graham called for people to pray daily throughout 2018 that a new generation might connect with our Way of Life, which has a distinctive and compelling combination. At the final Holy Communion Service I expressed a hope that, in the light of the twelve that Jesus chose as apostles, twelve of those present might step forward and make such a pledge.  Two times twelve stepped forward to make this pledge before God and the gathered community. Hallelujah and watch this space!

In my talk I read from my i-pad examples from Judy Kennedy in Brisbane of how  her grandchildren  create prayers for making beds and cooking, and how she teaches children to use nature to become more aware of God.(By co-incidence someone had just sent me A Rocha UK's e-letter which commends resources for care of the environment, including a download of Judy Kennedy's worksho on writing celtic prayers.   I shared how I listened to God for a lead as to how  to reach a new generation in a new  continent with the Pilgrimage for Life Email Course we recently launched. I was prompted to contact an old man  who used to engage in Anglo-Chinese student exchanges. He gave me two Beijing contacts. I received an enthusiastic email from one of them who had already enrolled.

I stood in for Peter and Dorothy Neilson, who were to complete their role as  soul friends to the Community at the retreat. They had to cancel due to a hospital appointment. I quoted a word from Peter to me: We are a community that is called to be at the cusp of the emerging edge of culture. In this role God gives us the gift of fragility.

Finally, I noted that Pope Francis says Europe is haggard. The African Union thinks USA's leadership has degenerated into racism, Professor Stephen Hawking thinks robots will outsmart humans, which will lead to  mass unemployment and civil unrest. He thinks we should re-locate to another planet. We think that we should re-connect with a rising new monastic dynamic such as that which turned a previous Dark Age into a new Golden Age.




Posted at 00:15am on 15th January 2018
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