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I now have another three years of emails stored up, and Bruce Challenor in Melbourne is painstakingly re-formatting and pasting these into mailchimp one by one.  Now I am compiling questions and feed-back from those who receive the emails, which will lead us into the fourth year. This week I received  feed-back from someone who  sent me this from her Everyday with Jesus Bible notes:


God’s way is not just written about in the Scriptures, it is written into the whole of the  created universe. If ‘the Way’ was set forth only in the Scriptures, then a battle would be precipitated concerning the authority of the Scriptures – their authority and worth. The foundation of authority would be confined to the Bible; it would not be broadly based into the nature of reality as well as into the Scriptures – thus ‘the Way’ is inescapable for everybody. ‘The Way’ is not a side issue or a matter for debate. It is the central issue of life. If you could split open creation you would find imprinted into it like a watermark ‘Made by Him and for Him’.


Talking of feed-back, our CA&H co-ordinator Carol Few gave our trustees and others a wonderful feed, back at her house, on my birthday yesterday. The seven trustees travel from far and near to manage our work and properties on Holy Island. One of them, Sue, returns to Bolivia next week where she works with vibrant servants of God.

We met again today at Inverleithen, when Heather took her life vows in her Church of Scotland parish. Some sixty people gathered and the Moderator of the Presbytery, together with all three UK Guardians, received her vows, followed by a lunch provided by the church,

When we take First Vows we receive the wooden Aidan and Hilda Cross to wear. When we take Life Vows we receive a cross of ammonite.  To find out why, read Hilda of Whitby: a spirituality for now.

Posted at 09:09am on 7th March 2018
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