Villages Of God Amid Globalisation


A pioneer minister has contacted me about Villages of God. He is writing a dissertation on this topic. He hopes to start a pioneering think tank for the Church. The end goal is a growing number of people in different areas working out how Villages of God might work.

I have briefly explored  Villages of God in several publications: In chapters 7 and 8 of Church of the Isles: a prophetic strategy for the emerging church in Britain and Ireland; in chapter 5 of High Street Monasteries; in chapter 5 of St. Aidan's Way of Mission: celtic insights for a post-Christian world, in Emerging Down Under: creating new monastic villages of God with Brent Lyons Lee (Atf press)

A virtual Village of God chart is a download in the resouces section of this web site.


I receive more feed-back on this than on any other topic.  It excites people.

Our world fears that globalisation and robotisation will destroy local community. A response to this fear is rising up deep in the hearts of many people.  Has the time come to make a significant move forward? In order for this to happen, people need:

  1. A biblical rationale of villages of God
  2. Examples
  3. A methodology.
  4. Tools.

Please send me examples of churches which combine praying- eating- accommodation- trade- learning- eco- or other spaces.


Posted at 14:43pm on 23rd November 2018
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